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ANNEMARIE PETRI Born 1965, lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands Dutch artist Annemarie Petri is best known for her otherworldly and colorful etchings. Her works reflect a deep fascination with 17th and 18th century explorers and scientists’ desires to unearth the world and its treasures. In a time when there was still much
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INGA LISA MIDDLETON Born 1964, lives and works in London, England Inga Lisa Middleton is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and has had a prestigious 25-year career in photography and filmmaking. More recently Middleton has begun exploring the medium of cyanotype prints, beginning with her series “Thoughts of Home”. Exhibited in the
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RENÉ SERRANO RODRÍGUEZ Born 1975, lives and works in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico Mexican artist Rene Rodriguez Serrano creates abstract paintings and prints which highlight those wonders of daily life that go unnoticed; the moments that shape our trajectories but are so minute, they are often times overlooked. His works revolve around ideas about banal events,
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ROSIE EMERSON Born 1981, lives and works in London, England Rosie Emerson’s work focuses almost exclusively on representing the beauty, power and voyeurism of the female image. The artist takes on classical or contemporary figures, from Artemis to the modern day super model, and transforms their images into surreal and dreamy allegories of her own
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