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ANNEMARIE PETRI Born 1965, lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands Dutch artist Annemarie Petri is best known for her otherworldly and colorful etchings. Her works reflect a deep fascination with 17th and 18th century explorers and scientists’ desires to unearth the world and its treasures. In a time when there was still much
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JAN HENDRIKS Born 1946, lives and works in Landsmeer, the Netherlands Jan Hendriks’ works are characterized by the use of simple forms such as squares and lines and simple materials (cardboard, paper, wood, MDF, foam board) in simple rhythmic compositions. Simple also means no color, so all the works are in white. The minimalistic elements
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LISANDRO SURIEL Born 1991, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands An Amsterdam-based artist from the Dutch side of the Caribbean Island Saint Martin, Lisandro Suriel’s work exists on the threshold between fashion, photography, theater and illustration. While studying for his Master’s thesis in the Netherlands, Suriel analyzed early twentieth-century illustrations of West-Indian mythology, research
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