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HELEN SHULKIN Born 1978, lives and works in Baden-Baden, Germany Helen Shulkin is an abstract painter producing works in a neo-futuristic architectural aesthetic. Shulkin is drawn to the idea of transforming large, measured forms into new edifices that are ethereal and almost surreal. She is in a sense breathing new life into what are often
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INNA NIRENBERG Born 1977, lives and works in Neckargemünd, Germany A closer look at Inna Nirenberg’s photographs of flowers will reveal a deep fascination with the spiritual, mythological and even erotic sides of nature. Nirenberg uses multiple layers of delicate, natural materials to create organic patterns that hone in the joy and passion intrinsic in
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MICHAEL ROFKA Born 1964, lives and works in Konstanz, Germany German artist Michael Rofka is constantly looking for lightness and harmony in his sculptural work. His twisting and curving wooden sculptures, often poetic and gracefully formed, consist of small abstract shapes. For Rofka, art is a path to a wider understanding of nature. His sculptures
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STEFAN HEFELE Born 1986, lives and works in Schwabmünchen, Germany Stefan Hefele is a freelance landscape photographer from southern Germany. Passionate about nature, Hefele travels all over the world, aiming to capture the grandeur and beauty of varying geographical locations from the United States to Europe to Asia. In order to achieve the perfect photograph,
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