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CHRISTOPHE CARLIER Born 1979, lives and works in San Pedro Pareo, Michoacán, Mexico Christophe Carlier is best known for his vibrant, naturalistic, multi-colored paintings of Mexican flora, landscape and traditional culture. Originally from Belgium, Carlier developed a passion for Mexican traditions and folklore. In 2010 he decided to move to Mexico. In the rural surroundings
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JAVIERA ESTRADA Born 1981, lives and works in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Born in Acapulco, Mexico, Javiera Estrada's creative expression encompasses traditional photography alongside mixed media to reveal her appreciation for beauty, as she so profoundly does in her work. Javiera's interest in the mystical is reflected in her expressive, dreamlike works, a physical portal
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RENÉ SERRANO RODRÍGUEZ Born 1975, lives and works in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico Mexican artist Rene Rodriguez Serrano creates abstract paintings and prints which highlight those wonders of daily life that go unnoticed; the moments that shape our trajectories but are so minute, they are often times overlooked. His works revolve around ideas about banal events,
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YUNUEN ESPARZA Born 1975, lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico Yunuen Esparza is a graphic designer and fine artist, living and working in Mexico City. Her deconstructivist paintings are filled with life and movement. The works play with viewers’ perceptions of the traditional and mundane, using augmented reality to complement her message. What is
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