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JEONG IM YI Born 1971, lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Korean painter Jeong Im Yi brings a sense of spiritual grace into the world. Her realistic oil paintings, with their lustrous textures, are not merely documentations but rather a visual manifestation of a reality that cannot be put into words. An elegant simplicity
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JIHYUN RA Lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Jihyun Ra is a Chicago-based artist originally from Seoul, Korea. Her works are usually made with bright and colorful Acrylic colors on small sized canvases. Having come from a homogeneous culture in Korea, when Ra came into contact with the diverse population of Chicago it caused
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SONG CHO Born 1959, lives and works in Seoul, South Korea South Korean artist Song Cho mediates concepts of space, a reflection of the artist’s desire to search for new places to experience rather than depict ones that exist in reality. Her works introduce the viewer to realistic and imaginary spaces that co-exist through a
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YEONG CHOI Born 1977, lives and works in Seoul, South Korea Seoul-based artist Yeong Choi uses bold colors and abstract shapes to create intense expressions of flora and fauna and explore the uniqueness of each of her subjects. Her recent depictions of water buffalos, for example, embrace both the creature's unique strength – the features
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