MICHAEL ROFKA Born 1964, lives and works in Konstanz, Germany

German artist Michael Rofka is constantly looking for lightness and harmony in his sculptural work. His twisting and curving wooden sculptures, often poetic and gracefully formed, consist of small abstract shapes. For Rofka, art is a path to a wider understanding of nature. His sculptures are an expression of a nature transformed, shaped by the artist’s love and connection to the rhythms found in mathematics and music, and the lines and mass of his works serve as an expression of motion.

Rofka’s natural surroundings inspire many of his designs; His free-flowing creations are all carved by hand from solid blocks of woods of different kinds. Sometime in the winter he walks through the forest with a backpack and looks for pieces of wood to carry. He has an idea in mind when he starts working, but the outcome is never totally exact. The final shape is revealed within the process of the work, as Rofka lets nature direct his work.

“Schopenhauer said that architecture is frozen music. I think sculpture `{`is`}` too, maybe more. I try to “hear” sculptures.”
Selected Works