MICHAEL RICH Born 1968, lives and works in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.

For three decades, Michael Rich’s paintings, drawings and prints have explored the language of abstraction and elements of landscape. Having spent time around the waters of Nantucket Island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the hills of central Italy, Rich has a strong passion for landscape and natural fields of color that remain very much a focal point in his work today. While the artist used to be inspired by the large swaths of color found in sweeping landscapes, he currently finds his inspiration in intimate moments of discovery in his own backyard, as when the light filters through the trees in a unique way.

Early influences in painting such as William Turner and Claude Monet, alongside experiments in landscape painting, eventually led to a language of abstraction. Rich’s artwork centers on the connections between colors; big marks and passages of colors, swipes of colors across the canvas and multiple layers. The artist aims to make his work process evident in the finished work. The earlier layers of the painting appear as large passages and the evident drippings of the color are an indication of time passing.

“One can paint for a long time only to discover they know very little about it. I come to the canvas free of preconceptions and open to the possibilities of discovery.”
Selected Works