CAPUCINE SAFIR Born 1976, lives and works in Miami, Florida, U.S.

Capucine Safir is a contemporary, self-taught French sculptor based in Miami, Florida. After many years working in the film industry, Safir’s life took a turn when, in 2011, her friends offered her a stone sculpture class as a birthday present. It was this first encounter with stone which led her to begin her artistic journey, and her move to Miami in 2013 really set her free as an artist as she discovered new materials and evolved her creative process. She soon found her own style through soft, rounded shapes. Streamlined, pure and atypical are some of the adjectives which best define her sculptures.

In her artwork Safir creates animal or abstract sculptures. She carves in limestone and plaster with hand tools and also works in mixed media. When she arrived in Miami, she faced the difficulty of getting stones, so she had to be creative and find new materials and new techniques. Each sculpture is unique and entirely made by the artist. She enjoys every aspect of this art; from the physical process to the sound of the tools and even the dust remains. But most of all, it is the appearance of the form emerging from the block that makes direct carving so special to her.

“My art is very instinctive; I usually don’t have plans, very few sketches and an overwhelming amount of ideas. Nature is my main inspiration. My work is sensual. People always tell me that they want to touch my sculptures.”
Selected Works