ARTURO AGUIAR Born 1963, lives and works in Argentina

Arturo Aguiar is an autodidact, Argentinian photographer best known for his unique use of light. He studied Physics at the University of Buenos Aires and started experimenting with photography when he was 36 years old. Just six months later, his works were exhibited in his first solo exhibition.

Aguiar’s work involves constructing poetry through photography and posing questions about conventions in photographic language. His creative process requires that each scene be lit manually in the dark, so the light is used to create a subjective space and a story within the image.

In his photographic work The River in the Mountain Aguiar draws inspiration from light-painting artist Dean Chamberlain, creating a unique contrast between flashes of light and darkness to convey a sense of mystery, as “without light and shadow, nothing can be determined”.

“Without light and shadow, nothing can be determined.”
Selected Works