ALESSIO TREROTOLI Born 1981, lives and works in Rome, Italy

Photographer Alessio Trerotoli was born and raised in Rome and is best known for his multiple exposure photographs. Upon matriculating his BFA in Cinematography Studies in 2009, he took his camera and began traveling in Europe and America.

Trerotoli had his first exhibition in 2010. Since then his work has been shown in several Italian galleries and in 2012 he published his first book, Fuori Dalla Caverna (“Out of the Cave”). The book is a collection of notes and photographs of his travels, described as “a real journey on paper: a romantic and passionate journey, where Rome is a wife, Paris a lover, the world a home.”

He started to develop his multi exposure digital photographic language after a trip to Istanbul in 2012, where he was inspired by the works of Turkish photographer Jak Barun.

In his photographic series ‘Urban Melodies’, Trerotoli creates an abstract representation of urban landscapes and contemporary life from modern cities such as Rome, New York, Paris or Berlin by superimposing different images of urban landscape. The result is a new vision of urban life, with cinematic overtones.

“Superimposing is like a puzzle that you’re trying to solve; the solution is the right combination, but you have to find it through trial and error as you create your final image.”
Selected Works