ALESSANDRO PASSERINI Born 1975, lives and works in Ferrara, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Alessandro Passerini is an Italian multi-disciplinary artist who has specialized in photography for over 20 years. His works have been featured in Vogue and National Geographic as well as a variety of exhibitions. He is also the founder of TM15, a collective that organizes solo and collective art exhibitions.

Passerini started studying photography and graphic design when he was 16. Since then he never stopped taking photos and passionately studying the art of photography. His photographic work is minimalistic and aspires to convey the peculiarities of different landscapes, from urban surroundings to deserted places. His sources of inspirations are numerous; from futuristic painting by Depero and Prampolini to photographer Anton Corbijn and filmmakers such as Wim Wanders and Charlie Chaplin.

“I have a healthy and inexhaustible curiosity, quite similar to the one I had as a child. Without this I would not have a way of seeing anything interesting around me, and the days would be boring and colorless.”
Selected Works